RESULTS: Team Liquid Maintain Playoff Hopes With A Victory Over Clutch Gaming

Team Liquid are keeping their dreams of a playoffs spot in the NA LCS well and truly alive with a victory over Clutch Gaming

While Clutch Gaming may have secured their place in playoffs already, for Team Liquid, every match was an essential game if they wanted to compete in the post season. Here’s a brief breakdown of the match.

A skirmish in the bot lane results in first blood for Team Liquid, however the kill is immediately answered by Clutch Gaming to even out the score. Clutch then move to gank the mid lane, managing to take down Eugene “Pobelter” Park and take the lead.

With the Dragon on the map, Team Liquid look to create some space for themselves, and manage to take down two members of Clutch Gaming to level out the kill difference before securing the Dragon. Clutch then look to push out the bot lane, taking down Kim “Olleh” Joo-sung and pushing in the turret, while Liquid makes their moves on the top lane, taking down two members of Clutch Gaming. With the Rift Herald secured earlier, Clutch Gaming use its power to take down two turrets in the mid lane.

With the Baron now on the map, both teams look for vision control and positioning, while not wanting to give up map pressure elsewhere. As Clutch pull back to buy, Liquid jump forward and secure the Baron buff, escaping with their lives in the process. With both teams looking for openings on the map, Team Liquid manage to secure their third Dragon of the game and push in the bot lane, taking down the turrets and threatening the inhibitor. Both teams then look to the Baron pit, wanting vision control as it respawns.

A minor skirmish breaks out as Clutch attempt to start the Baron, but Liquid are able to contest, turning it into a running battle. Meanwhile, Team Liquid elect to send top laner Jung “Impact” Eon-yeong to the mid lane to pressure the inhibitor, but as the team fight ramps up, all members of both teams rush back into the fray, resulting in four members of Clutch Gaming down as Team Liquid take down their base and end the game.

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