Mavs Gaming Remove General Manager from Position

According to a report by Forbes, the Dallas Mavericks’ gaming division has removed its general manager.

The NBA 2K League is the creation by Take Two Interactive and the National Basketball Association to enter the realm of esports with their own league for the NBA 2K game franchise. 17 NBA franchises will have representatives in the 2K League’s first season, as each organization has created a gaming division, such as the Miami Heat and Heat Check Gaming. The Dallas Mavericks’ gaming division is Mavs Gaming and according to a report by Forbes contributor Brian Mazique they will now have to find a new General Manager to lead them, as the team removed their former General manager from his position this past Friday.

The tweet by Caneda in question. (Source: NshTrill on Twitter) The tweet by Caneda in question. (Source: NshTrill on Twitter)

Mazique wrote that he was told by a team spokesperson that Mavs Gaming removed Roger Caneda from the Geneal Manger position, due to a tweet that posted by Caneda in 2016, which surfaced and spread throughout the NBA 2K community. Caneda was not a member of Mavs Gaming at the time the tweet was made, and many members of the community have commented that the decision by the team was over the top, but with the Dallas Mavericks being under heavy scrutiny recently due to a sexual misconduct scandal being made public, the organization is determined to rid itself of any controversy.

Mazique explained that it is not clear if Caneda has been fired from the organization, as the spokesperson only mentioned that Caneda had been “removed from the position” and did not clarify whether or not he was still a member of Mavs Gaming. 

As of this writing, neither Mavs Gaming or Caneda have publicly commented on the matter. 

(cover photo courtesy of Mavs Gaming Youtube)


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